Houston HOA Coalition Rally – November 3, 2012

The HOA Reform Coalition held a conference on November 3, 2012, At Salem Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas. Speakers at the conference seemed to focus on fiscal issues, varying in some details but sharing the common, related problem that boards still insist on far too much secrecy.  A related problem, increasingly of concern, is that some boards simply refuse to comply with law because they face no effective oversight, including the lack of effective sanctions.  Of course previous problems remain.

            Of particular concern, there is the problem of boards that have sued owners who dare to oppose them.  Homeowners must be strengthened and protected when they exercise their rights to insist on board accountability – not only, but significantly, regarding money; and boards must face stronger laws that ensure they provide information, actually consider issues of concern at open meetings, and follow pro-homeowner policies.  There is a need to develop a list of “Fair and Balanced” reforms.  There is a need to identify particular reforms that merit high priority in the Legislative session, both as to homes still under developer control and those at later stages.


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