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SB 142 Passes Texas Senate

Senator West passed SB 142 out of the Senate today is is clearly the best chance real HOA reforms will pass the Texas Legislature this session.  The the language of the bill will be available soon and posted.

Sen. West’s SB 142 clears committee

SB 142, Senator West’s omnibus bill to address HOA abuses in Texas, cleared his committee this afternoon and will head to the Senate floor next week for possible consideration.  Few testified in favor or against the bill; most testified “on” it as resource witnesses.  The bill makes improvements in many areas for homeowners, but leaves some exemptions, holes and issues for HOAs to abuse.  It is certainly something to build on, but undoubtedly the builder and pro HOA groups will continue to work on it to weaken it further.  The text of the bill coming out of committee is here.

Houston Homeowner Organizes to Challenge Abusive HOAs

HOUSTON — Texas lawmakers are about weigh in on whether homeowner associations wield too much power.

Lawmakers agreed to take a closer look at HOAs after hundreds of residents across the state said the associations “scared them out of money.”

“My biggest concern is that the HOA[s] don’t respect the voice of the homeowners,” said Sherman Malveuax, a Houston homeowner who recently started a petition to oust the board of his Wood Meadow II neighborhood.

HOAs can regulate everything from the color of a home to aspects of its landscaping.


KXAN – Homeowners Rally at the Capitol

KXAN – People rally for and against HOA reform

While one group said it’s time for change, members of another group said they’re happy with their homeowners’ association and stand up for HOA rights.

Coalition for HOA Reform held the first rally to encourage state lawmakers to stop various HOAs, or what they call “abusive mini-governments.”

Reformers said they support the rights of Texas homeowners and not unregulated mini-governments. They said HOAs have broad powers with little oversight and infringe upon homeowner freedom. They also said HOAs cause a lot of burdens for homeowners, including tax hikes, fees, fines and threats of foreclosure.

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KHOU – Local homeowners rally in Austin to reduce power of HOAs

Local homeowners headed for the state capitol Tuesday morning in hopes of changing the way Home Owner Associations operate in Texas. The homeowners traveled by bus from Sugar Land to Austin to join hundreds of others in an attempt to rally legislators.

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My San Antonio – HOA Reform Rally Set for Capitol

Do you think your homeowners association has too much power?

If you answered yes – You might want to take a trip to Austin tomorrow and give lawmakers an earful.

In the past few months I’ve reported on HOA board members lavishly spending homeowners money, the president of an HOA rigging an election and interviewed homeowners who had their homes foreclosed on because they owed a few hundred bucks in past dues.

The HOA Reform Coalition is holding a rally and says on its website – “HOAs have broad governmental powers with no oversight. HOAs tax, fine, and sue homeowners with little accountability because boards are controlled by developers or unfair election schemes.

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HOA Reform Rally at Texas Capitol – Feb 15

IT’S TIME for CHANGE! Join the Coalition for HOA Reform Rally on the South steps of the Capitol in Austin on February 15, 2011. There will be a Press Conference at 12 Noon. Please try to arrive at 10:00 am so that we may gather for instructions and material. Handouts will be available for homeowners to take to their legislators listing the changes needed.
Homeowners will be able to visit their senators and representatives to voice their personal concerns and need for change!

My Fox Houston – HOA Reform Rally

Would you like to know what legal rights you have when dealing with your homeowners association? Do you think there needs to be tougher state laws addressing what HOAs can and cannot do?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, there’s somewhere you need to be on Saturday December 4th between 10 a.m. and noon.

Texas Homeowners for HOA Reform has joined with the National Homeowners Advocate Group and Homeowners for Better Building forming the HOA Reform Coalition in an effort to get HOA reform.

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