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KHOU – Fight over HOA power heads to Austin

The debate over how much power should be given to neighborhood homeowners associations is heating up again at the Texas state capitol.

On Tuesday, Houston-area groups, both for and against HOA reform, traveled to Austin to give lawmakers an earful.

It’s part of a national push to regulate HOAs, which critics say have way too much power.

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Texas Watchdog – HOA reform group targets law that allows Texas associations to repossess homes over HOA rules

Activists seeking to retool the way homeowner associations operate in the state headed to Austin today to do their thing like so many other special interests do.

But this group is particularly cohesive and adamant about current state laws that allow associations or lenders to repossess a home for infractions of association rules.

“And we now have our first lobbyist, Robert Doggett, who is helping us pro bono,” Beanie Adolph, who has been a tireless solider in the battle, said in an interview with Texas Watchdog. Among the things that the group is fighting for this session is to make HOAs subject to the state’s open records and open meetings laws.
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HOA Punishing Homeowner for Solar Panel Improvements

Since June David Tharakan has been fighting his HOA for the right to install solar panels on his home. The HOA insists that the panels are an unapproved improvement and are refusing to allow him to keep them.

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Houstonian loses home to HOA legal fees

She got caught up on her payments, but the lawyers want thousands in fees for sending her form letters and legal documents.

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Sun City HOA Draws Objections Over New Golf Course Costs

A controversy is growing in Sun City Texas over whether residents should have to pay an extra $241,000 per year from their homeowners fees for taxes and insurance for the community’s three golf courses and the salary of an operations director.

The developer, Pulte Homes, had been paying the taxes and insurance costs for the golf courses, but Sun City’s community association board voted in November to switch the costs to the homeowners.

More than 600 residents of the retirement community near Georgetown attended a meeting Thursday organized by Byron Raynie, a resident who is organizing a protest of the association’s decision. The association’s decision violates a 2008 legal agreement in which the developer agreed to pay for any losses in the operational costs of the golf courses, he said.

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HOA in Cypress Won’t Let Vet Fly US Flag

Another symptom of the problem.  HOAs continue to assert too much influence over homeowners time and time again.  This ex-Marine was sued by the HOA for flying a United States Flag on a free standing pole.  Nina Tran, the attorney representing the Lakeland Village Community Association, said her client encourages that residents fly the American flag but has regulations in place to be consistent with its members:

“If you have a freestanding flagpole, someone may eventually want a 50- or 100-foot pole,” said Tran. “Everyone is in support of displaying a freestanding pole. But what if someone wants to display a swastika? There may be future things that are offensive to one person and supported by someone else.”

The story was covered by ABC News on January 13, 2011 here.

KHOU – Northeast Houston residents protest HOA management

A group of northeast Houston residents say they are holding a rally to protest the mismanagement of their neighborhood’s homeowners association.

The resident’s main concern is the locks that were placed on the subdivision’s gates that possibly created a delay for first responders.

Blouis Gipson, who recently lost his wife to a heart attack, said he wonders what would have happened if the Pine Village North subdivision had a different lock on the gates.

“I tried CPR and I called 911 immediately,” said Gipson.

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