FLORIDA – Family battles homeowners association over fence installation

CCFJ.NET:  Family battles homeowners association over fence installation

Article Courtesy of Channel 6 News — Orlando

By Adrianna Iwasinski

Published July 7, 2017

Homeowners associations have all sorts of rules and regulations in their covenants, many of which are backed up by Florida state law.

But one Daytona Beach couple tell News 6 all they want is install a small 4-foot wooden fence to protect their property and their family from strangers cutting through their lawn.

“Absolutely it’s become a safety issue,” Gina Frazier said, “and has been a safety issue since 2013.”

Frazier is beyond frustrated. She says her mom used to own the home and land in the Fountain Lake Subdivision, but she died before the 4-foot fence could be erected around her property.

Now Frazier, who has inherited the house and property, is trying to get permission to finish the fence, so she can keep people from cutting through their yard.

“People cutting through the property– you tell them to stay off the property and they threaten your life,” Frazier said.?

Frazier and her husband even have home surveillance video showing person after person walking, even riding through their yard, including the lawn crews hired by the homeowners association.

“I’ve asked for a meeting with the owner of the lawn care company numerous times and nothing gets done about it,” Frazier said.

Frazier says some trespassers have even threatened to shoot her and her husband when they confronted them. Frazier says they’ve called Daytona Beach police, but it hasn’t helped. Read more:

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