SB 142 dead, but fight not over

SB 142 was about to be amended by Rep. Phil King to strip out meaningful reforms. Rather than let that happen, Rep. Solomons postponed it to the end of the calendar. It will not likely come up again today, and if it does not pass today it is dead.

The influence of builders and developers, and the HOA management industry is vast, but eventually Texans will merely refuse to buy a home governed by a HOA or reduce the price they are will to pay for a home in a HOA. At present, HOAs and the builders and developers that often control these governmental bodies have unfettered power over Texas homeowners. We are hopeful that some reforms pass this session that can be built on in the future. Senator West has added reform language on core issues in other bills still capable of passage this session and we are hopeful both he and Rep. Solomons continue to put Texas homeowners ahead of government bureaucracies.

Robert Doggett
Texas Housing Justice League

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