Texas House Committee Lashes Out Against HOAs

A House committee challenged homeowners associations Monday to consider greater concessions, with lawmakers using their harshest tone yet against groups resistant to compromise.

“At least register so we know who the hell you are,” said Rep. Burt Solomons, R-Carrollton, taking aim at association representatives’ resistance to tighter monitoring regulations. “At the end of the day, we can’t seem to get here with these groups.”

Calling associations “at least quasigovernmental,” Rep. Dwayne Bohac, R-Houston, said that “the scales are still tilted to HOA protections.”

And Rep. Helen Giddings, D-DeSoto, bemoaned a decade and a half of lawmaker discussions with little progress.

“This committee is really challenged,” said Giddings, the longest-serving member of the Business and Industry Committee. “The House could name a standing committee just to deal with HOA issues. That’s how many we have. And it seems like we just don’t move on.”

The story continues here … but remember what legislators say in public and how they vote can be different when push comes to shove.  While legislators may feel more HOA reform is needed and say so publicly, in the end many legislators have other priorities they are unwilling to sacrifice in order to take a stand against the well-financed HOA lobbyists, lawyers, and more importantly the Texas builders who impose HOAs on subdivisions as a funding source.


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